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My Hydrogen Blog: Chapter 1

Hydrogen water is rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ within the health community and it is driven by one key element-pun intended- hydrogens health benefits. It is hard to find another innovative product as new as H2 tablets that is also heavily backed by science. Every few months a new clinical study is published showing the health potential molecular hydrogen has and this allows people like myself to watch in amazement where the future of hydrogen water will end up- Personally, I predict molecular hydrogen will be added to drinking water or end up on World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, as the demand for large scale health system standards increase.

As I was trying to learn more about molecular hydrogen a few years back, I found it to be challenging. More than often, I would end my day in discontent about the lack of promising, simple, straight forward information there was on H2 as a potential health product. In the internets defense, Medicinal hydrogen therapy and hydrogen water were only known within the medical field and the percentage of doctors and scientists studying the medical properties of H2 was relatively small- tiny in fact. Now, a simple Google search and you are bombarded with H2 websites making 100’s of different claims leaving you as the reader untrustingly uncertain who to believe, what to believe, and questioning if you should believe anything at all- Hey, I totally get it, I have been in your position.

First, let me say good job on doing your homework and taking the innovative to do your research. Second, you are in luck because my goal is to let you know some of the key health benefits of H2. Finally, I will make sure all my points are referenced with a hyperlink, so you can see the primary information for yourself. I want you to read this, enjoy it, and feel confident that hydrogen water is right for you.

Health Benefits

Hydrogen is Good for Your Skin:

Hydrogen water is great for your skin. I use H2 Beauty daily on my sore joints after heavy lifting at the gym but more so I was born with food allergies (allergic to milk) and when I eat something I shouldn’t have I get eczema. Hydrogen water has helped me combat this and I have been nothing but impressed with the results- I refuse to give up my love for ice cream and H2 Beauty allows me to commit my sin without the allergic consequences. Using hydrogen topically is not a new concept. In Japan, people have been using hydrogen baths as therapy for aches & pains, wrinkles, and anti-aging for decades-As one of the longest living populations in the world I think it is safe to say they know what they are doing. An added benefit to using topical tablets is the magnesium ions in the water. Magnesium (Mg) absorbs through your skin and is essential for keeping the body in tune- Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the human body and sadly most people are Mg deficient.

Clinically, bathing in hydrogen water has shown promising results in reducing psoriasis and parapsoriasis. Reactive oxygen species are believed to be the cause of inflammatory diseases- in this case, inflammation of the skin- and bathing in hydrogen water has shown to reduce this inflammation. The results from this study were significant enough to suggest hydrogen therapy could potential be used as a treatment for chronic inflammatory skin diseases. (Study)

Hydrogen Helps Athletes:

Hydrogen water helps exercise longer and harder. Studies have shown hydrogen water reduces lactic acid build up in muscles allowing you to train harder for longer and even start recovering faster. The gym without my H2 water is like fighting a fire without water. I drop blue raspberry tablets into my water bottle before every lift session. Not only do I lift way better and recover faster for my next lift, I manage to draw a lot of attention from on lookers who are curious to what is happening inside my water bottle- The gym is often a social place and any moment I can educate someone on hydrogen water is a win for me.

After you exercise, your body is trying to heal from free radical injury caused by oxidative stress- it’s a natural process. One study had half its participants drink hydrogen water and the other half drink bottled water after high intensity swimming. The results showed that serum superoxide anions, serum SOD activities, and total antioxidant capacities of athletes during and after training were significantly superior to those of the control group. Basically, this means that hydrogen water could help lower oxidized substances in athletes and help prevent free injury caused by high intensity training- Train harder and heal faster. (Study)

Lactic acid is that burning sensation you get in your muscles during exercise or strenuous movements. I am sure you have heard the saying “you have to burn it to earn it.” Professional athletes and bodybuilders live by that quote when it comes to training. The theory is: that muscle fibers don’t start micro tearing until the burn starts and if you can push through the burning pain you will tear more fibers with hopes that your body will repair your muscles bigger and stronger. Hydrogen water has been shown to reduce lactic acid build up during intense exercise and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function. Who doesn’t want to exercise longer and push harder while tiring out slower? Personally, I find my muscles hardly burn at all when I use hydrogen water. I really have to push myself to the point of complete failure before the lactic acid build up starts to hurt. I believe hydrogen is just as valuable as creatine when it comes to weight lifting and more valuable than creatine for aerobic and endurance exercises. (Study)

Hydrogen Keeps Your Body in Tune:

Hydrogen helps your body it’s “natural balance.” What I mean by this is, hydrogen is not a miracle drug that can make you perform beyond the natural limitations of your body- Sorry it just doesn’t work like that and drugs that due come with major side effects (steroids)- Hydrogen has no affect on a healthy system but does help a damaged system get back to its healthy state. For example, H2 will regulate and balance inflammation and oxidative stress. Once they are balanced and your body is functioning within its “natural balance” H2 has reached its beneficial limitation. However, our bodies are in constant change and stress is a part of life so daily supplementation of hydrogen along with diet and exercise is required to help try and keep your body in tune as much as possible. Check out the link for more detailed information- (What Does Hydrogen Do?)

Hydrogen Might Make You Happy:

Health and a high quality of life are desired by almost everyone. The sense of feeling good comes from your notions of happiness being fulfilled. Not living a life of chronic illness is a strong reason to feel happy and scientifically, a healthy brain functions better when a person is in a happy state of mind. Oxidative stress is known to cause deteriorations in the central nervous system and advance the aging process. The more you stress the more oxidative stress occurs in your brain and this potentially can lead to a basket full of health issues. Hydrogen molecules are very tiny, and they can penetrate the blood brain barrier quickly after being ingested. The fact that H2 regulates oxidative stress shows promising potential that molecular hydrogen may be able to ‘lift one’s mood,’ reduce anxiety and even help calm the nervous system. (Study)

When I drink my hydrogen water at night, I find within ten minutes I am more relaxed and within fifteen minutes I am becoming sleepy. The stresses of my day start to slowly fade away and my body has a ‘let go of tension’ feel- As if it is conditioned to relax all at once. When I do decide to crawl into bed- And I mean forcefully get my self off the couch, saunter upstairs, and lazily plunge down into bed- I am asleep within minutes. My dreams are kind and vivid and I often can remember them in great detail-This never happened before. Hydrogen water allows me to sleep soundly and without waking up multiple times in the night. My sleep is similar to when I have taken sleep aids, but unlike sleep aids I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.

Magnesium, The Added Benefit:

I won’t go too much into the topic of magnesium, but I will mention a few key points. Magnesium or Mg is an added benefit of using hydrogen tablets. Pre packaged hydrogen water and water ionizers do not use Magnesium to create H2- Probably one reason why there is so little H2 in each. The Mg used in Drink HRW’s tablets is pure elemental magnesium- no buffers, no additives, PURE. What does this mean for you exactly? Better absorption. The magnesium breaks down into very small particles and attaches itself to water molecules allowing your body to absorb the magnesium more efficiently. To put this into perspective, the average Mg supplement when consumed has an average of 4% total absorption and the other 96% passes untouched and sails right on through the digestive tract. Drink HRW’s elemental magnesium absorbs efficiently because it is broken down into a solution of magnesium ions- absorbs 80-90%- and the little that is excreted is not a big deal because you just drank a glass of highly saturated hydrogen water-which was your primary goal in the first place. Most people are magnesium deficient and It’s probably not even your fault- Unless your diet is terrible, then it’s defiantly your own fault. We have been mislead in believing our magnesium supplements were helping us when in reality we were throwing our money down the toilet-figuratively of course.

Hydrogen Has Zero Side Effects:

There are zero known side effects to ingesting H2. There are 70+ human studies on molecular hydrogen and not one showed any negative responses from hydrogen administration. Hydrogen water is the safest, easiest method of H2 administration and studies suggest it is also the most efficient. Hydrogens ability to regulate oxidative stress and inflammation is its key feature that I believe will cause future medical breakthroughs. I believe H2 will allow all people to live longer, happier fuller lives without chronic illness. I believe H2 helps manage existing problems such as pain and inflammation and will help prevent those problems before they ever become a problem. Stay hydrated everyone. I will post again next week.

To see Drink HRW’s Clinical Studies Click HERE

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